New Arctic mode in Pubg ,What is special in this ?

Hi, Friends, you might know about the pubG game. And you will know that, after all, it is the world’s most played mobile game. The whole world is fond of sports on mobile. But there are some games that we can play together with our friends. Which makes your fun double. And the heart does not ask to stop that game. In such a situation, pubg is a game, how much time people keep playing this game and enjoy it. In such a situation, pubg keeps bringing new updates for its gamers, in such a way a new mode has come.Which is named Arctic Mode. Let us know what is special in this mode.

What is Special in Arctic Mode ?

Friends, this new mode has come, you will find this mode in Playlab. And in this mode the map of vikendi is set. Let us know what is special in this map
  1.  Friends, a storm comes in this mode which causes great damage to your health. You can even die with this storm.
  2. In this mode, you will also see chickens moving and killing them. You can also cook and eat them.
  3. In this mode you will also get branch (fire-kit). By which you can set fire for 1 mint
  4. And in this mode you will also get a drone. With the help of which you can find your enemies. Where is it at
  5. You will also get a new bike in this mode which looks like a Ghost Rider bike.
  6. And in this mode you also get a heater. Which will already exist in your bagpack.
  7. And you can also ski in this mode.
Let’s see how all these things that you will get new in pubg game are used. figures out

What does the storm do in this mode ?

Friends, when the storm comes in the new Arctic mode of pubg, you have to close everything and hide it at any house to avoid it. And before the game starts, you will get a drum that will already be present in your backpack. You have to use that drum to avoid the storm, let’s know how to use the drum.
  • When the storm comes, you will already get an option yourself so that you can start a fire.
  • You have to stay home to use the drum
  • Whichever chicken you die, you can also burn it and eat it. It will increase your health

Where will the chickens meet and what will happen to them ?

Friends, in this game you will also see chickens moving and you can kill them and keep them in your backpack. And wherever you have been set on fire, you can even cook and eat it. This will also increase your health.

What to do with Branch (fire-kit)?

Friends, this will be a Branch fire kit, it will help you to avoid the storm. When a storm comes, you can save yourself by setting fire with the help of this fire kit.

What happens to drone ?

Friends, in this mode you will also get a drone, with the help of which you can detect your enemies. You can keep an eye on your enemies by flying the drone. And friends, a special thing is that if you also have a drone. And your team mate also has a drone. So together you can fly your car with the help of drones.

How to fly your car with a Drone ?

  • At least two people and both have drones to fly the car
  •  Put a drone in front and a drone in the back and as you fly the drone, your car will start flying along.

What happens to the heater ?

Friends heater can also be used to protect you from Tofan. If you want to go to the gift, then you can use the heater. It will not affect your health

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