How To Download Whatsapp Status Videos or Images ?

Welcome friends on our blog. Today we will talk about how you can download the WhatsApp status of any of your friends. Friends, whatsapp runs the whole world. And by sharing their status, they share their feeling. And in such a situation, if you find the status of your friend good and you want to put the same status on your whatsapp status. But you are also hesitant to ask for status from your friend. So friends, today I will tell you how you can download the status of whatsapp without telling your friend.

How To Download Whatsapp Status ?

To download, WhatsApp status, first of all you have to download an app. With the help of that app, friends, you can download the status of any of your friends. And he will not even know. The name of that app is file explorer, you can download this app from your Google Playstore for free.
Friends, after downloading this app. You must open this app once. And every notification has to be allowed

What to do after downloading File Explorer?

After downloading the Friends File Explorer, you will need to go to your whatsapp. And whatever status you will see, whether it is a video or a photo, it will be automatically downloaded in your file explorer. But remember whatever you have to download whatsapp status, you have to see that status completely. Until its buffring is complete. After that your whatsapp status will be downloaded.

Status downloaded. But can’t find it?

  1. दोस्तो whatsapp status डाउनलोड करने कर बाद अपको फिरसे अपने फ़ाइल एक्स्प्लोरर पर जाना होगा।
  2. फ़ाइल explorer को खोलने के बाद आपको whatsapp के फोल्डर पर जाना होगा
  3. ओर उसके बाद दोस्तो आपको status पर जाना होगा
  4. Status के folder को खोलने के बाद आपको वो सारे status वही मिलेंगे जिनको आपने देखा होगा।
  5. उस वीडियो या फ़ोटो को आप मूव कर के अपनी गैलरी में भी ला सकते है। और वहा से उसी status को अपने whatsapp पर status भी डाल सकते है

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