Itemised Bill – How to get itemised bill for airtel customer


Welcome friends on our blog, today we will talk about how to get itemised bill for airtel customers. So let’s start

Itemised Bill – What is itemised Bill

First of all, friends, let us tell you what the itemised bill is and what it is used for. So let’s start. 

Friends itemised bill is a mobile bill only. Which shows us how long we talked on which mobile number and apart from this, every type of information is available in this bill. Like, which number you messaged and which number you called and how much you talked and in this bill you also get information about how much internet you have used. And with this bill you get the detail of the whole month.

Itemised Bill – How to get itemised bill for airtel customer.

  1. Friends, first of all you have to open your Airtel mobile app
  2. After that you have to click on Bills and Plan option

 3. After clicking on Bills and Plan, you will have to click on get detailed bill and after that you will have to click on the itemised bill of the month and press the send button.

 4. On clicking the send button, itemised bill will be sent on your registered email id from Airtel.

Can prepaid customer get itemised bill ?
Friends, this information is only for the postpaid customer. Airtel does not provide any itemized bill information to its prepaid customer. If you want itemised bill then you should have postpaid connection

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