What is Blog ? How to create a blog ?

Hi, Friends, today we will talk about what is a blog. And what happens in it. Friends, as you may know, in olden times some people used to write Dairy. People used to write everything they did during their entire day  in their Dairy. So by writing Dairy, he simply used to fulfill his grief.

But friends, today the era has changed. In today’s modern era, all work has started online. Like you can pay someone by staying in your house. If you have to pay any of your bills, you can do this by staying at your home.

So like friends, people from the past used to write Dairy. And today people write blogs. Come on, friends know what a blog is. And how to make it.

 What is Blog ? 

Blog friends are like a website. On which you have to write articles. And by getting your blog approved by google adsense, you can earn by placing an add on those articles. You can create a blog on any one topic. for example
            1. Technical Blog
            2. Music related blog
            3. Games related blog
            4. jokes related blog

Friends, you should make a blog on the same topic, which you have more knowledge. And you can write a lot of articles on that blog. And you can earn by putting links on that blog.

Blog Defination

Friends blog is a type of website. Which means that you write articles through internet and reach people. The article you will write on your blog. People will read those articles by searching on google.

Does it cost money to make a blog ??

Friends, it does not cost any money to make a blog. It is absolutely free. You can write your blog for free by creating your blog. And the articles you write should be your own. If you copy someone else’s article and paste it on your blog, google adsense will never approve your blog. That’s why you write your own article.

How to create a blog ?

It is very easy to make friends blog. And you can make a blog for free. To create a blog, open your www.Blogger.com in any of your browsers. And after that you have to login to blogger.com with your G-Mail id

By clicking on this sign, you have to login to it from your Gmail account. After login, you have to click on create a blog. After clicking, your page will be open like this.

  • On the option of this title, you have to put the title of your blog. So that you can know on which topic your blog is.
  • After that you have to create the address of your blog. As you have also been given an example.
  • After that you can also apply a theme to your blog.
  •  After that you have to click on create blog. And your blog will be created.

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