How to earn money with facebook

Hi, Friends, the whole world knows about Facebook. But the whole world is used for Facebook only for Entertainment. As seen the videos. Commented or added a post. But do you know By doing all these things you can earn money on Facebook. Let’s see how to earn money on Facebook

How to earn money with facebook?Step by Step

Hearing about making money on Facebook. Friends, you must have been shocked. But this is absolutely true friends. You can earn money while enjoying on Facebook. Let’s see how to earn money on Facebook
  1. First of all, friends, you have to think about a subject about which you have a lot of knowledge.
  2. After that you have to make a page on the
  3. After creating the page, friends have to write a post on it.same subject about which you know more.
  4. And from the same post you will share your information with the whole world.
  5. And as soon as traffic started coming to your page. After that you can earn money through advestising on Facebook on that page.
  6. You can also sell your page when it gets good traffic on your Facebook page. There are a lot of companies that buy good pages.
  7. So you can earn money by putting a post on your Facebook page. And if you don’t know how to make a page, then let’s learn. How to create your own facebook page

How To Create a Page on Facebook

To create a friends Facebook page, first you must log in your Facebook account. And after that you have to go to your profile. After coming to your Facebook profile, you have to click on pages.
After clicking on pages, you can create a page for yourself on any one subject. By creating a page, you will first have to put a picture similar to your topic on your page’s profile. And after that you will also have to put a cover picture of your page. But remember, those pictures should be similar to your subject. And after that you start posting on your page
You can also earn money by Affiliate marketting on Facebook.

How to make money through Affiliate Marketting on Facebook

Friends, if you do not know about Affiliate Marketting then I. So let me tell you in the short for now. But going ahead you will definitely find a post about Affiliate Marketting on my blog. Friends Affiliate Marketting means that when traffic comes to your Facebook page, you can advertise their products on your page by joining with big companies such as Amazon, Flipkart. In such a situation, you will also get some part of the person who will buy that company’s product from your page. So you can earn money by Affiliate Marketting

Promote Your Bussiness Through Facebook

Friends, if you are a Business Man. So you can increase your business by creating a Facebook page in the name of your business. You can spread your business across the world. As you know. There is a world of millions on Facebook. So in this way, you can bring your business comfortably along the way.

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