How to Find a Stolen or Lost Mobile

Hi, Friends, today I am going to tell you a very important thing. Please read and understand this post comfortably and carefully. Because today I will tell you if your mobile phone is lost. Or it has been stolen. So what do you do to get your mobile phone back to you? Because Friends mobile is such a thing in which we have every kind of privacy. And if he falls into a wrong hand, then something can go wrong. Because all your contact messages reach someone else. So let’s find out how to find your stolen or lost phone.

How to find a stolen or lost mobile ?

Friends, to find your lost or stolen phone, first you need to go to your Google Playstore and You will have to download an app from there. Whose name is find my device

After downloading this app, you will have to open it.

How’s Work Find My Device ?

Friends, to use this app, first you have to login on this app with Gmail id. After this, friends, you have to click on the guest below and the mail id will be logged in the same phone that you want to find. You must login as a guest in find my device.

What to do after guest login to Find my device ?

Friends, after login on this app, you will get the location of your lost or stolen phone. But friends, you have to do this job immediately after your phone is stolen or lost. If you delay this time, then the person who stole your phone can also turn off your mobile phone. So that you will have to wait till that phone is on to trace its location.

How to find phone by going to location ?

Friends, if you have reached your location after finding your phone, then after that you will have to click on Play a Sound, so that wherever your phone is, it will start ringing and you can tell your phone by listening to the voice. But remember friends, when you press the button of Play and Sound, then the person who has your phone can also turn off your phone by fearing it. To do this work, you must also take the help of the police, which will get your mobile soon.

What is a special feature in Find my device App ?

You will find a lot of features in Friends Find my device. For example, you will also know how much battery is there on that phone. Which phone is running your Gmail ID, you will also know. And the special thing is that if your mobiller is stolen, you can also delete the entire data with the help of this app. You can also format the entire phone.

Friends, if you want to ask anything about this, then you can also ask by commenting in the comment box. And friends, if you have received any help from my post, then also please tell by commenting

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