How to host a Zoom meeting at home

Nowadays due to the corona virus epidemic that is going on, all the people are working at their home. So in this way you can host a meeting with your team by staying at your home. You can do that from your mobile and if you want to do it from your laptop or computer too.

How to host a meeting from your mobile?

First of all go to your google playstore. And he has to do his search. Zoom cloud meetings app and download that app.

After downloading you have to open this app. And after opening this app, you have to sign up on this app. After signing up you can host your meeting.

Is the Zoom app free or paid?

I want to tell you guys, this app is absolutely free. With the help of this app, you can have a video confrence meeting with your team. And whatever your content you do in the meeting. You can do all that through the zoom app.

What are the features of the Zoom app?

With the help of Friends zoom app, you can host video meetings. That too for free. Let’s know the features of this app.
  1. First You must to create a meeting id before starting a meeting. And the id and password of the person with whom you will have to meet.
  2. After that you can invite someone you want to have a meeting with.
  3. You can save time. Like you can give a time for your meeting
  4. When the meeting time arrives, they have to attend the meeting. He will enter his id and password


Can the zoom app run in i phone ?

Friends zoom app works on android and ios dono operating system. You can also run this app for free in android mobile and apple iphones.

So you stay in your meetings at home as well. Can run And you can stay connected with your team. If everyone is satisfied with the information given by me, then please comment by commenting. And if you want to ask any question, you can also ask it by commenting.

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