How To Install WordPress Plugins Manually

Welcome Friends on our Blog, Today we will talk about How to install wordpress plugins manually, So let’s started,

Install Manual Plugins – How To Install WordPress Plugins Manually

Friends, if your website is on WordPress then you will know about Plugins. For those who do not know about Plugins, this post of ours will be very useful. Plugins are used to ease your work inside Friends WordPress. Plugins are used in all these works from customize to complete design of your website. Let’s know which plugin is useful.

Which Plugins are more used in WordPress ?

Friends, now we will talk about which plugins are used more in WordPress and how these plugins are downloaded and used.

Plugins are a Best tools. which are found inside to WordPress for free Different Plugins are used for different purposes. Let’s know, Which Plugins are very usefull for our WordPress and how to install WordPress plugins manually like
Content Views
Ninja forms
Page Link To
Yoast SEO

What is Elementor Plugin ?

Everyone uses Elementor Plugin. Because with this plugin you can design your website very easily via Dragon Drop. You can easily use Elementor Plugin. Through this plugin you can add all the elements. And you can also remove it. Its basic features are absolutely free, if you want to use its paid version, then you will have to buy it.

What is Content view Plugin ?

Everyone uses the content view. You can design your content with this plugin. You can improve your content further. For example, through the Content View plug-in you can set the layout in your content. You can also scroll and grid it and that too without any coding

What Is Ninja forms Plugin ?

The ninja form plugin is also used by all people. You can create any form through this plugin. For example, if you own a website and make a contact page for it. So in such a way, ninja form plugin is used to make all these pages. It is very easy to use this plugin and it is absolutely free.

What is Page Link To Plugin ?

Page Link To plugin is also used by all people, because thru this plugin you can add any link to your page. Think if you have to provide any link inside your post, then you will need this plugin. You cannot give any link inside your post without a Page Link To plug in. You can also easily use this plugin

What is Yoast SEO Plugin ?

Yoast SEO plugin is very important plugin. Everyone uses this plugin. You can rank your website in Google through Yoast SEO Plugin. And through this plugin you can also verify your website in Google search console. You can also get your sitemap verified by this plugin. If you do not use this plugin, you will not be able to rank your post in Google. This plugin is also used to do SEO of your website.

So these are the plugins which are used by more people. If you have also created a new website, then you should also manually install these plugins in your WordPress. With these plugins you can improve your website a lot.

How to Install these Plugins Manually ?

To install any plugin manually, you just need to go to your WordPress dashboard and click on the left side icon plugin and also click on the new plugin. And by searching in the search bar, you have to install your plug-in. After installing, you have to activate your plug-in and as soon as your plug-in is activated, the name of the plug-in will appear in your dashboard.

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