How To Professional Video editting in Mobile


Hi, Friends, in today’s time everybody makes their own video. Whether that video is for TikTok. Or for Youtube. So today I will tell you about editing a professnal video and if you also want to edit your videos well. So you have come to the right place. Today I will tell you how you can edit videos from your mobile. Friends are a lot of apps for video editting. But from all those messes, today I will tell you an app that will enable you to edit your videos very well.


Editting video from which app?

To edit friends videos, you will know about a lot of apps by which you edit your video. But today I will tell you about an app with the help of which you can make your video professial. Is the name of that app. kinemaster this app you will easily find in Google Playstore for free. You download that app.

How to run Kinemaster after download?

After downloading Kinemaster, you should open it. After opening, some such page will open in front of you.
After that, you have to click on the media and select your video and bring it to your timeline.

After bringing the video on the timeline, you have to edit your video.

What can editting from Kinemaster do.

 With the help of friends kinemaster, you can edit your video in many ways. Such as
  1. You can cut or trim any part of your video.
  2. Put animations on your videos.
  3. Video can be cropped.
  4. Change the background of your video
  5. Can blur any part of the video
  6. You can zoom in and zoom out your video through animation.
  7. Can write or edit text on your video.
  8. You can apply text animation running below your video.
  9. Record your audio in your video.
  10. Change your voice with Kinemaster
  11. We can add audio to video
Friends, you will get all the features written above in this one app, you can edit your videos very well.
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