Hindi Typing – How To Type in hindi using english keyboard ?

Welcome friends, on our blog today we will talk about how you can write in Hindi and any language using English keyboard. That too from your mobile. Friends, we all type in English. But sometimes there is a need to write something in Hindi. In such a situation, you do not know how to write in Hindi using the English keyboard. So let’s learn Hindi typing today.

Hindi Typing – How To Type in hindi using english keyboard ?

For typing Hindi friends, you have to go to your Google Playstore and download an app called Google Indic Keyboard. Friends, this app is from Google and with the help of this app you can easily do Hindi Typing.
This is what you see in the screen shot above. This is your app to download.

Hindi Typing – How to work Google indic keyboard ?

After downloading Google indic keyboard, you have to open this app.
 After opening you have to click on select input language. And you have to select the language in which you want to write. If you want to Hindi Typing. So select Hindi.

You will also have to turn on English & Indic Language before selecting Language. And after that, Hindi english will also have to be turned on for Hindi typing.

Hindi Typing – What to do after selecting language?

After Selecting Hindi & English language friends, you must first turn on the use system language as well.
After turning on the use system language, you can also do some other settings such as auto capitalization auto space

Hindi Typing – What are the settings of Google indic keyboard

Friends, after turning on Google indic keyboard for Hindi typing, you also have to do some other settings. Let us know what are these settings.

After selecting the language for Hindi Typing, you can click on all these options and set all the settings according to your own. And after that you can also do Hindi typing.

Hindi Typing – How to typing Hindi after setting Google indic keyboard?

After doing all the settings, you can do Hindi typing using the English keyboard.
For Hindi typing, you have to click on the Hindi option. And on English for English. So in this way you too can do Hindi typing.

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