QR Code – What is QR Code ? and how it work ?

Welcome friends, on our blog today we will talk about what are the QR codes and how to scan them. Friends, sometimes you will definitely get to see the QR code on some website or any apps, so in such a situation you will not know what is in it. Friends QR code is a secret code in a way. To see which you have to scan it. Only after scanning and you find out. What is in this QR code. Let us see how the QR code works.

QR Code – What is QR Code ? and how it work ?

Friends QR code is in a way a secret code. And anything can happen inside this code. Such as a download link to an app or a link to a website. So in this way you can find out by scanning the QR code. What is in this QR Code? Let us know how to scan a QR code.

  1. Friends, first you need to go to your Google Playstore
  2. After visiting Google Playstore, you will have to download an app
After downloading this QR code and bar code scanner app. With the help of this app you will be able to scan any QR code and bar code comfortably and you will also be able to download whatever is in that code.

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