Make Thumbnail – How to make thumbnail for youtube videos ?

Welcome friends, on our blog today we will talk about thumbnail like what is thumbnail and how to make thumbnail. Before we begin, friends, we know what a thumbnail is.

Make Thumbnail – What is Thumbnail ?

Friends thumbnail is made so that. Anyone who watches youtube videos or searches. A thumbnail is placed on it before the video starts. With the help of which you already know what you will find inside the video.
You have already known what is Thumbnail. Now, let us also learn how to make a thumbnail.

Make Thumbnail – How to make thumbnail for youtube videos ?

To create a thumbnail, you need to download an application named picsart from your google playstore. With the help of this app, you can easily create your thumbnail. Let’s learn how to make thumbnail from picsart
  1. First of all you have to open picsart app
  2. After opening the picsart, you have to select the background for your thumbnail.
  3. And after that you have to set the size of your thumbnail
  4. Friends thumbnail size should be 1280 * 720 pics
  5. After selecting the size, you can edit anything on that thumbnail. You can make thumbnails as you want. You will get all the features in picsart. But remember friends, the size of the thumbnail should be 1280 * 720 pixels. Otherwise your thumbnail will not be visible

Is it necessary to make thumbnail or not ?

Friends, making thumbnails is very important if you are a youtuber. You can’t monitise your videos without thumbnails. And if you are not youtuber, then you have your choice. Post from thumbnail or video both look great. The advantage of a thumbnail is that if your video is not so good, but the thumbnail of your video will be good, then with the help of thumbnails on your video, there will be an increase in traffic and vieus.

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