How to earn money from home by making your own app?

Friends, there will be some app or game download from Google Playstore at some time. So in such a situation, you will know that you have downloaded the app, it will generate income from you, in today’s era we all think. How to earn money online by staying in your home In such a situation, you can make your app and earn money online by staying at your home. Let’s learn to make our own

How to make your own app?
Friends, if you also want to earn money by creating your own app. So there are many platforms that make you an app. But in return he takes money from you. It is difficult to buy an app without earning money. Friends, today I am telling you about making your free android app.
To make an app, friends, you have to click on this link. Click Here . 
After clicking on this link, you will have to click on create an app.

After clicking on the link, some such page will open in front of you. After this you will have to login with your Gmail id. After login, you have to click on Create App, after that you will

After that you will be asked some options like

1. Like on which topic you want to make an app.
  • Own Website
  • Bussiness
  • Any Browser 
  • Pics Ediitting
  • Quiz
  • Books app
  • Media player
  • Mobile TV
  • Music
  • Puzzle games

2. After that you have to write the name of your App and select the theme. After filling the full detail, your app will be ready. 

3. After the app is created, you have to first downoad it to your phone. After that you can check your app. You must check your app by running it once
4. After that you have to publish your app and fill the entire detail. After filling the complete details, you will be informed by screenshot how to publish your app.
How to earn from app?

After publishing your App | You can publish your app in the playstore by creating your Admod Account and placing ads on your app by Admob. After that, whoever downloads your app will show ads to him and after clicking on his ads, you will earn.
Does it take money to make an app?

Some sites charge you money to build a professional app. But with the help of the link I have given above, you can make your android and Ios App free. And that app will not be less than any professional app.
Advantage of creating your own app

Friends, there are great benefits of making your own app. Like you just have to work once and make your app and publish it. After that the users themselves will download your app from Google Playstore and your app will do it. For the whole life, you will continue to earn something on your app.

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