How to read delete message on whatsapp

Friends today if you also want to read the delete message on whatsapp. So you have come to the right place.

Friends, when our friend sends a message to us and then suddenly delete it. And when we check our whatsapp. So after seeing us, it seems that what was it in this mesaage that my friend sent me and deleted.

Your heart must have seen that message but you cannot see it. So don’t be afraid, friends, today I will tell you how you can get those deleted messages.

What to do to read Whatsapp Ar delete message?

Friends, first I tell you that whatsapp does not have any such feature. With the help of which you can see the deleted message. But friends today, I will tell you how you can see deleted messages on whatsapp.
  1. First of all, you have to open your google chrome.
  2. After that, friends, you have to search on Google. gb.mod
  3. After the Gb.mod site opens, you will have to download Gb whatsapp from there.
  4. Friends, there is a lot of privacy in Gb whatsapp.
  5. Friends Gb WhatsApp is just like normal whatsapp. In this, you also get features and privacy.


Can Gb Whatsapp download from Google play store ?

Friends, you cannot downlaod Gb WhatsApp from google playstore. You will have to download this mod version by going to Gb.mod.

What to do after downloading gb whatsapp ?

  • After downloading Gb whatsapp you have to open it.
  • After that, you have to go to the menu option on the right side.
  • And then you have to go to the option of privacy
  • After that you will get a lot of privacy options
  • But you will have to go to the option of Anti Revoke and turn that option on. After that, friends, you can have any deleted message.
Friends, whether you are satisfied with the information given by me or not, please give your opinion in the comment box. And friends, if you want to know anything, then also comment and tell. I will keep writing posts for your every inquiry.

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