How To Use MS Excel in Android Mobile

Friends, all of you must have run MS Excel. But you must run your MS Excel in your Laptop or Computer. So sometimes in emergency you may have to do some important work on MS Excel. If you do not have a laptop at that time, then you can work on it by downloading some type of file of MS Excel, MS Word, Presentation in your mobile too.

How to download MS Excel in your mobile?

Friends, to run Ms Excel or Ms Word in your mobile you have to go to your Google Playstore. And from there you have to download one of your apps. Whose name is WPS Office.

After downloading Ms Excel, you will have to click on plus. After that you have to click on New Spred Sheet here.

And whatever other options will come in it, you can also work on it for free.

What is the difference between Laptop and Mobile’s MS Excel?

There is no difference between friends on the laptop window and in MS Excel on mobile. The work that you can do on your laptop and computer. You can also do the same thing on MS Excel in your mobile.

How to run MS Excel?

It is very easy to run MS Excel. Like you run MS Excel on your laptop and computer. Similarly, you can run it comfortably in your mobile too. Man has also created a video about running MS Excel. You must watch this video. This video is about the man running MS Excel. And how you can apply the formula is told by this man in this video.

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