What is AnyDesk? And what is the use?

Friends, as you know how the internet has changed our world. The amount of time that was used earlier to do the work is done in a few minutes in today’s time. In such a situation, new apps are coming on the internet. Which makes it easier for us to do our work. There is an app called Anydesk if you do job or business

You do So you must have heard the name of your Anydesk. In such a situation, you will not know what this app is useful for. And how to run this app.

Let’s know about this app

What is AnyDesk? And what is the use?

Friends Anydesk works just like a Remote Controler. And with the help of this app, you can take the help or help of anyone. Like with the help of This app you become a remote controler. Just like you run TV from a remote, this app is also used in the same way.
Friends, with the help of this app, you can run a friend’s laptop/computer at his home only. Like your friend is doing some work on his laptop or computer, but he is facing any problem in that work. Or he has to ask something about that work. So in this case, it reads the need of the app. With the help of this app, you can give a command to your friend’s laptop or computer at your home. But for that both of you must have anydesk.

Does this app cost money to download?

Friends, let me tell you that this app is absolutely free, you can download this app in your phone or computer for free. Let’s know how to download this app.

How to download Anydesk? And how to run it ?

  1. Friends, click here to download Anydesk on your Laptop / Computer. After clicking, you will reach Anydesk website. After that you download
  2. And to download it to your mobile, you have to go to your Google Playstore and seach it there Anydesk

You can install this app in your phone by clicking on this install button.

How to run this app after downloading?

  • Friends, after downloading this app both you and your friend have to open it. You can run this app comfortably from mobile to mobile and computer to computer and mobile to computer or computer to mobile. To run it you both need to open the app. After opening, you will see some such page
After downloading this app, you will see some such page. Here you will get a remote address which will be written there. You can tell your friend and allow him to control your computer or mobile. Or your friend can tell you the remote address, which you can put on your second option remote address and you can operate its computer or mobile.

As soon as you enter your friend’s remote address and click on it. So a notification will be sent to your friend, which will say that you want your friend to run your system.

Allow for Your friend will then have to Allow on all notifications. Then you will be able to operate your friend’s system
So with the help of anydesk, you can do any of your work comfortably from home and can easily help friend in every task and help in your work.

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  • October 17, 2020 at 12:27 AM

    AnyDesk is a very good remote support tool and is at par with likes of R-HUB remote support servers, Teamviewer, logmein etc.


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