What is Copyright or Non Copyright Content ?

Welcome friends to our blog. Today we will talk about copyright and non-copyright. What is copyright and what is non-copyright. So let’s start.
What is Copyright ?
First of all friends, we will talk about copyright. Friends copyright means that if you use content created by someone else in your content or if you take the entire content from someone else, use it on your blog or anywhere. So the owner of that content can claim to steal your content from you. That this is my content and how you are making my content your own. And he can also give you a strike instead. So that your account can be banned. And your id was also banned.
Does copyright claim only on photos and videos ??
Friends copyright claim, not only for photos and videos, but also every content that you have stolen from someone else, you have used your blog or YouTube or anywhere. 
This is to say that it all comes up in copyrighted content like 
1 Photos 
2 Videos 
3 Posts 
4 Music 
5 Thumbnails etc
What is Non Copyright ?
Friends, now we will talk about non-copyrighted content. Friends are non-copyrighted content that is absolutely free, which you can use for free, and you will not get any copyright claim if you use it. And you do not have to pay anything for this, it is absolutely free. You can use non-copyrighted content anywhere. And by downloading it easily, and also you can use it.
Where to Download Non Copyright Content ?
Friends, if you want videos or pictures in non-copyrighted content, then you will find 2 websites for which you will find a lot of non-copyrighted photos and pictures on both these websites, Pixabay or Pexel. That you can easily download and if you want to download non-copyright music, then you will get it from YouTube. YouTube has created YouTube audio library for non-copyright music so that you can download unlimited non-copyright music.

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