What is Incognito Mode ?

Welcome friends, on our blog today we will talk about what is incognito Mode ? And what does this work for? So let’s start.

Friends, if you do not know about incognito mode, then you have come to the right place today, I will give you complete information about incognito mode, what is incognito mode, and what is the incognito mode used.

What is Incognito Mode ?

Friends, if you do not know about incognito mode, you must have seen incognito mode in your Google Chrome. If you do not see it, then I do not tell you that incognito mode twist is a feature of Google itself. Which you get to see in Google Chrome and also in YouTube. With incognito mode, you can do safe browsing, like if you search anything on google chrome without incognito mode, then your Google Chrome is recorded in your history which page you have opened in your Google Chrome. And if you use the internet by enabling incognito mode, then your browsing will be safe and your browsing history will also not come on record.

How To on incognito Mode ?

  1. Friends, To turn on incognito mode, you have to go to your Google Chrome
  2. After that you have to click on the 3 dots of your google chrome.

After clicking on the new incognito window, your incognito mode will open. And you will be able to do safe browsing. Whatever you search on incognito mode will be absolutely private and no one will know what you have searched on your Google Chrome.

Incognito mode is safe ?

Friends, if you talk about safe browsing the incognito mode is safe or not, then I will tell you about it that it is absolutely safe. Anything you will search in it is safe. No record will be made in the history of what you search. So you must have any tension in this.

How to off Incognito Mode ?

To turn off incognito mode, you have to click on the tab and you can close incognito turn as you close normal tabs.

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